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Cosmic Brain Fart Volume 2: I2UE2 Addendum

Warning: Hyperlinks to any webpage of TVtropes.org have been scientifically and clinically known to cause massive time loss in the browsing of its contents. you have been warned.

Well, we’re back again with another one of my infamous brain farts that just needed it’s own entry that would have appeared in the proper blog entry had it had better timing and probably would be entered into Crongus Wars Lexicon if there’s enough approval for said brain fart. This time it deals with the I2UE2, or to be exact the Pâdişâh.

You’re not gonna let that drop, are you?

….Anyway, this deals with two aspects of the Islamic Empire’s Pâdişâh since, well, the I2UE2 is basically the Ottoman Empire IN SPACE in all but name I might as well go all the way: the Yeniçeri and the process of Pâdişâh succession through the Şehzade Brood.
Unlike the traditional view of the Janissary, the Yeniçeri of the HAAI are genetically engineered soldiers-

Okay, OKAY! I admit, the basic idea basically came from them! But they’re different, trust me!

….Right…. Well, unlike THAT version of genetically engineered warriors, the HAAI Yeniçeri were less Posthuman and more Transhuman in that they’re not so monstrously large in stature and bulk even in power armor, perhaps a head higher than the average human but that’s about it. Instead, they have a more rigorous skeletal structure which, in turn, grants them greater physical strength and endurance outside of power armor. Their brains are altered to process information faster than the average human, not on par with a computer but when paired with one they are intellectually formidable. Their metabolism and organs are precisely calibrated so that they may operate at peak capacity for days, if not weeks, with limited (if any) sustenance when resupply is too difficult. And most-

I’m surprised anyone even remember this game. Almost makes me want to go out and get an XBox. Almost.

Do you mind?!

Anyway, the Yeniçeri were indoctrinated to be absolutely loyal to the Pâdişâh as Sulṭān of the HAAI. Their origins are traced to the Second Great Interplanetary Jihad of Unification when the conspiring governments of Aides, Arubuda, Atata, and Mahapadma sponsored the Anti-Imperial Insurgency. Though created too late in the rebellion to offer any significant impact, it none the less were birthed out of the fear that the Askeri of the Islamic Empire of Al-Angha may betray the Pâdişâh to gain greater political, if not militarily or economical power, at the sovereign’s expense.

Though the threat never manifested itself, the fear was real enough for Pâdişâh Omar the Great to commission the program that would give rise to the Yeniçeri with his own DNA as a template to the first Orta of Yeniçeri, though other DNA were mixed in as well to provide genetic engineering fodder. From that moment on, one of the first acts of the new Pâdişâh was to commission the gestation and creation of a Yeniçeri Orta based upon their royal DNA.

Now I know what you’re thinking “wouldn’t that make for additional heirs to the throne?” Well I have a simple enough answer to that question: By law, the Yeniçeri are not heirs to any Askeri station, let alone that of the Pâdişâh. Meaning that the Şehzade would have Super Soldiers as half-siblings.

In case I didn’t mention this, the genetic template of the Yeniçeri are not limited to the Pâdişâh royal bloodline, or even that of the Askeri. Rather the bulk of the genetic material originates from the Reaya class. Certainly a more humane version then the historical Devşirme of the Janissary, not to mention the least traumatizing-

Alright, I’ll give you that one

…..Anyway, before I get WAY off tangent, I should mention that though the bulk of the Yeniçeri are born and bread as super soldiers, they aren’t the only humans to contribute and be recruited. Naturally, such unmodified humans are not normally up to par with a genetically engineered Yeniçeri. Those that are able to match, or in rare cases succeed, in any mental and physical labor to the Yeniçeri-born have earned their utmost respect. Such individuals are honored to have their own DNA be a part of the genetic template library to create more Yeniçeri-born.

However, it should be noted that the Yeniçeri as a whole are indoctrinated to be unwaveringly loyal to the Pâdişâh as Sulṭān. Thus the Yeniçeri-Enlisted are rarely of the Askeri since not too many are willing to throw away such a privileged lifestyle. Those that do are regularly question for the level of sanity and common sense.

As a practice, if not law, the Yeniçeri are the only ones to occupy most fields of direct, frontline combat-

That…. is actually quite actuate to what I had in mind. Surprised anyone even remembered this flick nowadays.

…. Anyway…. The few exemptions include the Spacecraft crew of the AAHA, though even then there is at least a Yeniçeri-born in command in the form of an Agha as an executive officer at the very least. The presence, and by extension purpose, of the Yeniçeri-born Agha was to ensure loyalty amongst the crew of the combat spacecraft: Any treasonous actions were dealt with swiftly, but what is considered “treasonous” would vary from Agha to Agha but universally they are more lenient towards verbal sedition. This is due to one philosophy of the Yeniçeri-born: “Empty Words are just that, empty. Actions are worth the caution.”

Now then, for the Şehzade Brood concept. Now then, in the old Ottoman Empire the Imperial Harem was basically the center of politics even though many of the Harem were slaves, even with internal social ranks and such.

With the I2UE2, the Şehzade Brood are not the Imperial Harem that spawned many a carnal fantasy. But rather the genetic stock and surrogate mothers of future Vali Ahad Mirzas if not the future Pâdişâh. Somehow, the Islamic Empire being quite skilled at genetic engineering feels attractive to me as a general concept.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are still Valide Sulṭān, Kadın Efendi, and Hanım Efendi, but with the existence of genetic engineering and synthetic-uteri, they are utilized as mothers in a genetic sense. True, they may raise and tutor the Şehzade Brood to become the next Pâdişâh, but rare do these wives and concubines actually engage in *ahem* coital duties to the Pâdişâh. Instead, the Şehzade are genetically filtered of any impurities that would otherwise weaken the offspring and raised in a relatively stable environment so any modifications are strictly controlled until birth. Then the Kadın Efendi and Hanım Efendi take over as tutors and surrogate mothers and raise them to be potential heirs to the throne.

As for succession? Well I think that’s easily answered. When the new Pâdişâh is chosen, the Şehzade Brood that survived up till that moment are given a choice: Death or renounce any claim of succession for themselves and their descendants by becoming of Raeya class. The second choice is given even more attraction when said Şehzade are given an allowance to at least forge their own lives and perhaps in time become Askeri themselves in generations to come. The only stipulation is a regular genealogy report comes along, the Dīwān would be able to utilize such reports to narrow down potential candidates when a Mirza was not declared before the previous passing of the Pâdişâh.

Huh….? Odd, I could have sworn that I had more material for the Şehzade Brood….

Eh, whatever. It’s a brain fart. Details come later. Speaking of which, I have a smaller brain fart proposal and it deals with the FEUCSN: Commonwealths!

Allow me to explain. In my original entry, the Colonial Congressional Parliament had its senators and representatives derived from Sector Settlements. There was the brief idea of an Oversector Settlement, but I think a Colonial Commonwealth would be a better intermediary between the superanational government and the Sector/Local governments. It certainly plays with the idea of large interstellar governments of the human Oecumene being member states of the FEUCSN, though to be completely honest I got the idea from another franchise that had a similar-

Huh….? You went with that one.

Yeah, yeah, it was from initial research into the lore so I could better understand Fallout 3 better when I got the game. Either way, it does make the Colonial Congress smaller in retrospect. Less names to manage too- Okay, it’s not much but it’s a start, right? Right…..?

Anyway, discuss below and please, try to be civil in your responses. And speaking of responses, I would respond more easily if you display your screen name in your comments. It helps me to respond properly.

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